As well as containing recent works this site contains a collection of older animations from games created in the past along with traditional life drawing samples and modelling samples. In defence of the life drawing I regard it as a crucial skill that any, and every, character artist and animator should have and maintain, after all if an artist/animator can't observe and translate the static human form into graphite on paper what hope is there for anything beyond that challenge?

Works are listed chronologically newest to oldest, left to right, top to bottom. On another note; you may find it a little annoying to view watermarks over my work but unfortunately it's a necessary evil.

A bit about myself: -
I've been independently established as a freelancer since 2003 offering 3D character animation & art services provided primarily within Autodesk 3DS Max & Maya.
I use my surname to 'brand' myself because it is very memorable, there's not many of us about & it's an odd name.
I've had a professional career in video games as a CG Artist & Animator since '96, most of this experience gained from 'AAA' games. Prior to this, just after graduating in '92, I worked as a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer building a small portfolio of clients before the lure of the games industry, and an offer of a return to animation, took hold.
My career highlights include my lead animation roles on two Harry Potter titles, and my principle work for a Disney project 'The Emperors' New Groove', where my work received the credit of "... as you'd expect of Disney, typically slick animation" (it should have been credited to Argonaut Games). I've also breathed life into some lovable characters over the years; one I'm proud of was the work carried out for UPS (last few seconds of the current showreel). If you have a lovable character in mind for a project I'd be happy to help you realise your goal.

Services Offered : -
Animation: -
        Key-frame, Motion Capture, In-Game & Cinematic
Illustration: - 2D & 3D
Supported software : -
Adobe Creative Cloud
Autodesk Ultimate Creation Suite

A note about 'Client Area': - this is a password protected page (please email me) and contains a collection of works that have already been published but are works that, for one reason or another, aren't quite ready to be published to the open internet or have yet to make there way to a showreel.
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