Muybridge Studies
Muybridge Studies
Portfolio piece and WIP concept
Doodle Gecko
Early work combining traditional techniques with CG. Modelled for Gecko Studios Ltd (my parent trading company)
Guzza Bee
Experimental piece exploring possibilities of traditional water colour mixed with CGI
Contact 29
Creative piece for Contact Illustration
Heart created for interactive website. Images & design supplied by client.
Manchester Airport
CG models produced from client supplied vector drawings. Animation supplied to specified clients storyboard
Neon Light Model
Title image for pilot TV program
Rugby Player
CG 'Trophy' for sports prize evening
Permaban graphics
Creation of CG assets from supplied CAD files. Animation & Direction of product demonstration
Studies 2007
Selected studies from 2007
Studies 2013
Selected studies from 2013
Studies 2014
Selected studies from 2014
Studies 2015
Selected studies from 2015
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