Broken Sword II 1996. 

In Cold Blood early project work to establish building values for sets. My introduction to 3D and also my first rig (3D Studio Max 1) capable of fullbody HIK.

A small selection of Cutscene character animation from Caesar III

A partial collection of character animation from USM 2000. Rota-scoping chosen over Mo'cap

A selection of in-game moves from Kuzco, the player character in Emperors' New Groove

If you can sit through this is does demonstrate almost the full animation set for Kuzco + there's Kronks ice skating at the end.

The EA promotional for Potter, here, as well as Harry, reasonable for flying books, hogs, Hedwig and the knights Armour

Cutscene sequences from Potter II with greater focus on transition to storybook sections

Aragog and Whomping willow boss set + a couple of others

Various drops, jumps and climbs used in both of the Potter titles. Worth noting on the titles exploiting the Croc engine (ENG & the Potter's) I continued to make use of the rigging system used at Revolution but altered the controllers to linear . The engine had a linear interpolation on baked vertex location (per key frame) so keys were kept to a minimum, this gave a closer WYSIWYG result in Max to the expected engine results.

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